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Do these mod pants make us look weird?

First of all let us say that we love all of you and we want this community to thrive and grow. We really appreciate you guys staying around and making this community what it is today. However there are some things we feel we need to address.

1. We know you guys love FFA's but there's been way too many of them lately. We can't have one every single day because it gets tiring. From now on the mods will be making the FFA's. If we don't post one on Fridays by 7:30 then you are more than welcome to post it. There is the possibility of having an FFA twice a week but there will definitely be one on Fridays.

2. Post things that you would like to share with the community. It's okay if it doesn't get that many comments. If it's something you're passionate about it really shouldn't matter how many comments the post gets. You're posting for content, not for comments. Hell some ONTD prime posts don't get over 20 comments!

3. You don't have to be a fan of every sport we post. It's okay to not be a fan of the frends crew or even Apolo! That being said if you're not a fan of something we post, then don't go into the post. Scroll on by like ontd prime taught us to do.

4. Since most of us are descendants of ONTD prime, we know how fickle we can be. Depending on which sport is doing what, the popular sport of the time will be different in ontd_e. As mods we cannot control who you love and we don't want that to. Trust us. If your sport isn't getting the attention that day, it's not the end of the world. Go plan your outfit for Coachella or something if you don't care for it.

5. We've been seeing an abundance of Facebook pictures being posted in the comments. While it's okay to post pictures the guys have tagged, it's not okay to take untagged pictures from the facebooks of their friends and family. Think about the pictures you're looking at before you post them please.

6. As funny as our inside jokes are, let's not bring them into the UStream chats. It's not chill to ask Louie to take us to the roof and such things.

7. If you're going to e-mail a company on behalf of the community, we would really appreciate it if you sent us a draft of your e-mail before you send it off.

8. If you're gonna troll the CMMM chick, do it on your own time. Don't do it on behalf of ontd_e. It's gotten old.

9. The frends crew read their tweets. Think about what you're tweeting to them before you do it.

10. I know some of yall are nervous because the guys know about the comm. If you want to post something that you don't want them to see, then lock it. I have to ask that you lock any posts wanting personal information of our members such as Facebook links. However we can't stop them from making LJ accounts and joining. We'd probably never know if they did to be honest. Celebrities creep ontd proper all the time (Lily Allen comes to mind).

11. We want to keep this community fun for all of us. We have nearly 1000 members so there's no way we can make every single one of you happy. As much as we would like to, we just can't do it.

12. If you have a problem with something in the community, bring it to one of us. We're not monsters, we're regular people and we are willing to listen to you.

We love you guys. Seriously we do. We can't say it enough.

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