USA Today: For some Olympic hopefuls, funding is a hurdle

SALT LAKE CITY -- Emily Scott filed for food stamps two weeks ago. This month, the Olympic short-track speedskating hopeful's monthly stipend was cut from $1,950 to $600.

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Biggest Ollie Ever?

A few months ago, some of the Birdhouse riders were on a filming trip and all of a sudden started to mysteriously tweet about Aaron "Jaws" Homoki doing something incredible, but not saying what it is. Got a sneak peak a week or so ago when the new cover of Thrasher was revealed, and today the video was posted.

Aaron "JAWS" Homoki - OLLIE from Birdhouse on Vimeo.

I know Jaws likes to jump off things, but omg, that was intense. Worth the wait I think.
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More Information on the Special Olympics Scarf Program

The Special Olympics Scarf program just announced which state programs are participating and when their deadlines are for receiving the scarves. Number of scarves they anticipate needing in parentheses. Note that some states might have unique requirements or requests, you can check their state page on the official website

Alabama (132) : January 20, 2012
Alaska: December 12, 2011 for the Penguin Plunge (1,500), March 1, 2012 for the State Olympic Games (1,000)
Arizona (600): January 31, 2012
Arkansas (535): January 4, 2012
Colorado (800): February 24, 2012
Connecticut (1,200): February 27, 2012
Delaware (161): February 15, 2012
Georgia (2,450): January 6, 2012
Idaho (800): February 10, 2012
Illinois (425): December 16, 2011
Indiana (415): January 6, 2012
Iowa (585): January 7, 2012
Kansas (285): January 18, 2012
Kentucky (285): January 18, 2012
Louisiana (1,400): March 5, 2012
Maine (1,406): January 23, 2012
Maryland (1,00): February 13, 2012
Michigan (2,280): January 10, 2012
Minnesota (1,025): January 13, 2012
Mississippi (1,028): February 1, 2012
Montana (1,365): February 15, 2012
New Hampshire (1,220): February 29, 2012
New Jersey (1,400): January 6, 2012
New York (525): February 1, 2012
North Carolina (2,250): February 1, 2012
North Dakota: January 10, 2012 for State Winter Games (541), March 1, 2012 for State Basketball Tournament (1,000)
Ohio (625): January 18, 2012
Pennsylvania (1,746): February 1, 2012
Rhode Island (1,305): February 11, 2012
South Carolina (300): January 5, 2012
South Dakota (900): February 27, 2012
Tennessee (367): January 23, 2012
Texas (3,010): January 30, 2012
Utah (300): February 15, 2012
Virginia (3,000): January 16, 2012
Washington (1,000): February 1, 2012
West Virginia (200): TBD
Wisconsin (1,100): January 20, 2012
Wyoming (775): February 6, 2012

Poll #1744456 Special Olympics Scarf Program

Should _e pick one program to support and send all the scarves (made by _e for this) to that one program?

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2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

I know we have a lot of _extremely (see what I did there? lol) talented knitters and crocheters, so I thought I would let you know about the Special Olympics USA Scarf Project. (Information taken from their site at

First a video about the first year:

The Scarf Project has recently released the colors for the 2012 Special Olympics Scarf Project:

Some of the frequently asked questions:

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If you have any questions, please ask and I'll see if I can find an answer for you!

I thought it would be pretty cool if a bunch of us could do something like this. Even if you don't know how to knit or crochet, it's super easy to learn and you don't have to do elaborate patterns or anything! Or just support those who do. If there seems to be an interest, I will try to post month or so update posts if that's okay with the mods. I know that when I found out about last year's, some of the states had shipping dates well into March, so there is plenty of time! People can pick what state they would like to send to, or if we want to make one big donation, we could do a poll and pick a state and send all of the scarves there with a note about the community or something. IDK, let me know your thoughts!

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Kevin Pearce Returns to First Snowboard Event at Winter Dew Tour

It’s his first time back to a snowboarding event after a severe traumatic brain injury and Kevin Pearce is as inspiring as ever. He’s been through so much since crashing while training for the Olympics, but he sat down with Alli to reflect on his progress over the last year. He was well-spoken and beyond positive given what he’s been through.

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Kevin is in Breckenridge for the Nike 6.0 Open which runs through Sunday. Check out his full interview Saturday, December 18 @ 2:30 pm/est on NBC during the snowboard superpipe finals.


Vito, Farrington win first Grand Prix contest

COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. (AP) — Louie Vito and Kaitlyn Farrington won the opening U.S. Grand Prix halfpipe event of the season Saturday at snowy Copper Mountain.

Vito, who finished fifth at the Olympics earlier this year, scored 27.9 points in the final to beat Luke Mitrani. Olympic bronze medalist Scotty Lago finished third.

Farrington landed her first backside 900 jump in competition and scored 28.30 points to edge two-time Olympic medalist Kelly Clark by 1.5 points. Rana Okada of Japan was third.

Its going to be aired on these times and channels:

Dec. 12, NBC at 2 p.m. ET
Dec. 18, Versus at 5 p.m. ET
Dec. 25, Versus at 4 p.m. ET